Zest Furniture Makers

Tunbridge Wells

What makes a house a home?  For Tunbridge Wells householders, it’s custom built wood and upholstered furnishings from Zest Furniture!  Rather than simply manufacturing fashionable items to be sold in a show room, our designers work with you to conceive furniture solution which will be tailored to your property in terms of shape, style, and practicality.

In many homes, family life revolves around the kitchen.  With this in mind, with the help of our kitchen designers Tunbridge Wells properties can be optimised to match the lifestyle of you and your family.  Modern yet inviting, our fitted kitchens will make the most of every inch of space available.

The other room in your home requiring specific fixtures is the bathroom.  As our gallery shows, by working with the right bathroom designers Tunbridge Wells residents can even make the smallest room a showpiece of their home.

What does the word ‘study’ mean to you?  So you think of a dusty room, cluttered with books and dark furniture?  It doesn’t have to be like that: a study can be an activities area, a games room, or just a quiet space where you can relax, surrounded by nothing more than a few pot plants and some of our beautiful study furniture.  In designing your study furniture Tunbridge Wells manufacturers can take into consideration the activities the room will be used for, and the feel you want to create.  If you’re looking for a cupboard designer Tunbridge Wells based Zest Furniture can help.

The media revolution has changed the way we use our lounges forever.  By commissioning bespoke media units Tunbridge Wells homeowners can make the most of their recreational technology.

Even semi-structural fixtures can benefit from the Zest touch.  With bespoke staircases Tunbridge Wells properties will exude exclusivity and finesse.  Contact the Zest team today to find out about other services available to our Tunbridge Wells customers.