Cupboard Designers In West Malling

We specialise in creating bespoke shelving that will perfectly fit in ANY space you have in your home. With us there is no compromise…just beautiful, elegant designs and superb finishes to add that touch of sophistication, that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

Options include floor-to-ceiling floating shelves, or fitted shelving units for books, photo frames, art, vinyls and more. The only limit is your imagination…

Beauty meets practicality in our storage solutions for awkwardly shaped rooms, in the form of fitted or freestanding units.

All our cupboards are hand-crafted and manufactured in Kent, from responsibly sourced materials that have the environment at their heart, but with you in mind throughout.

For a client in Working, Surrey

We were tasked with developing a practical solution to the age-old problem of storing coats and shoes. This room was the answer. The cupboards were manufactured from Italian XyloCleaf veneer with a matt lacquer finish, for a classic, stylish look. Shelving for shoes was suitably angled to provide a highly functional storage space for all manner of footwear.

Simple, yet refined…that was the brief for this fitted utility cupboard with integrated handle detail on both top and bottom of the unit. This piece was manufactured using a high-quality MDF, and finished using a spray paint for that singular, unique look.

For a client in Belgravia, London.

Floating shelves were fashioned from extra thick Italian Xylocleaf veneer, again with a matt lacquer finish. Key to this unit’s supreme functionality was the reinforcement integrated within the shelves, providing a far greater load-bearing capacity.

Client in North London Highgate

Here, we’ve made the most of extra-thick (50mm) floating shelving manufactured from Wenge, the secret to this effect being the secure hidden fixings…finished with a clear satin lacquer to provide beauty and durability. Each shelf was custom made and measured to perfectly accommodate the client’s library of books, therefore making full use of the available space.

For a client in Highgate, North London.

In this shelving unit for an open living area, we used spray-painted MDF, designed and manufactured in in two pieces to eliminate the appearance of ‘joints’. Our client had an extensive collection of vinyl, so we fashioned the spacing bespoke, to accommodate the records as well as the stereo system, books and family pictures. This was a sizeable installation, measuring in at 5 metres long and 2 meters high…enough space was left for additions to be made over time.

For an architect client, in Chelsea, London.

The creation of a floating lower unit made from spray-painted MDF, was then finished in matt marble. This was embellished with an integrated J-handle, making a strong statement on this perfectly fitted piece. Matching shelves were crafted in the available above, again maximising the amount of storage available in the given space.

For a flooring shop in Knightsbridge, London.

Zest’s skills in designing cupboards and shelving are not limited to the home. Here we spray painted MDF units for a shop in Knightsbridge, supplying fixed bottom niche units for housing sample books. Top units were created on pivot systems to showcase flooring samples in ‘book style’ pages…an incredibly neat way for displaying a plethora of materials, without any hint of mess or clutter.

For a handmade fabric shop in Belgravia, London.

We designed and built a bespoke, shelving unit with removable squares to display individual handmade fabric samples in the shop. The look was completed through matching spray-painted MDF drawers with push/pull action closers for storing sample materials.

For a client in Greenwich, London.

In this installation we built and fitted made-to-measure shelving units on both sides of the open plan dining area to display the families’ book collection. Manufactured in spray-painted MDF, the bottom units have doors…the whole piece being perfectly fitted along the two walls on either side of the table.
Our more traditional range includes this media unit manufactured from Cherry veneer. Open shelving on either side of the TV also houses drawers, whilst the study area is fashioned from Elm veneer…the L-shaped desk, having high-level open shelving and a filing cupboard close to hand. This floor-to-ceiling unit has both open shelving as well as a door-fronted bottom section, and is manufactured from solid Maple and Maple veneer. A specialist design on the doors was incorporated, as per our client’s specifications.

Our Staircase Projects

Here a Zest furniture we specialise in staircase cladding for new build projects or updating and transforming an existing staircase in your home or office.
Choose from a variety of colours and grains available to ensure a timeless focus point finished elegantly with lights, glass or metal pieces.



Please feel free to have a look over some of our projects, and if you have any questions again feel free to contact us